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Slack-Ears the Scarlet, Border Dragoon. [userpic]
Hands in my pockets I'm pushing my way.
by Slack-Ears the Scarlet, Border Dragoon. (caudelac)
at October 29th, 2005 (10:52 pm)
current song: Feelin' Good // Muse

Someone was singing 'I'll go no more a'roving (with you fair maid)' a girl with a full beard on an empty street, singing out of her empty face, throwing rocks at the streetlights and not actually breaking them because they're better than that now, these days, the things that they do. They don't even cast shadows anymore, and there is nothing left to hide in the shadows even if they did.

Oh yes, it's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life, and everything's better now.

Sure it is.

Belie' dat.